Obligatory Reflection Blog #1

Once upon a time, an adjunct instructor (definitely a friend) decided to sign up for an online class to improve his online teaching (just blew your mind, didn’t I?). Little did he know, it would take a lot more time than he thought, so he often found the strangest times to participate in said class (like after a couple of glasses of wine and late one Sunday night). This instructor knew he had the goods but he lacked the oomph to take it the extra mile. Even though he spent countless hours 20 years ago building his ever so important website on Tripod in the newly minted computer lab of the Grace Van Dyke Library at Bakersfield College, he hadn’t spent a lot of the last 20 years working on his HTML and CSS skills. Unfortunately, the Learning Management Software the poor instructor was using made it difficult and time consuming to improve on the interface and make an inviting page. Today, he would still like to do so but struggles to find the patience and time to do so. So I, er…. uh…. HE, yes, HE decided to surf the internet in search of some way to adopt the power that Evie (I think he had a crush on her too) had in the old television show¬†Out of This World–freezing time.

A blonde teenager touching her index fingers together at an office party to freeze time.
Evie freezes time . . . hijinks ensue.

Tune in next week to see if he was successful.